Founding Members

The Princess Project was started by the late Helga Leurs and Erica Pienaar in 1996.

helgaHelga was quoted saying ” I’m still not sure what contributed to the fact that an extraordinary idea entered my mind without routing to my brain and just inspired me to spread the word. So what’s this all about: Checking my e-mails a few weeks later, I realized that I received over 300 responses from the initial e-mail. What an overwhelming response!!!

So, this was really not in my immediate future planning to respond to all of this. I can honestly say that I wanted to run and hide as far as I could, but the idea came back seeking and haunting me. Nice thoughts, but with no one to help and never being involved in anything remotely like this, I still felt like running.


Then Erica Pienaar, came into my life….still imagining that I’ll be able to ‘quit’ the project & get myself out of it…real soon – Erica somehow sensed I was drowning.

We continue to realise Helga’s dream of helping young girls all around South Africa feel like princesses, even for a night.